Dear Hazel May

From the young age of three years old, I began making judgement calls on how to dress myself and what proportions were going to work best for me. I didn’t quite word it that way, but “Mommy that print is too big for me.” was close enough for a three year olds limited vocabulary. 

For eleven years of my life, my love of fashion was stifled as a result of having to wear a school uniform. I chose to get my degree in interior and architectural design, partly because dressing a room was much like dressing a person. Once I graduated, I began working freelance and in order to make sure bills were always paid, took part time retail jobs. 

Working retail for so long taught me the importance of feeling good about your outer appearance. The right undergarments give you the confidence you need in this crazy world. The right dress can get you your dream job/man/woman. Because when you know you look good, you project a feeling that can’t be beat.

As I got busier, I reverted back into my “uniform” years, grabbing jeans and a white or grey t-shirt because it was easy. But I noticed my confidence waning. So I started stashing vintage jewelry in all of my purses - because my favourite colour is sparkle - so I could always have a jolt of colour whenever I needed it.

I have realized that it takes less effort to put a pretty vintage dress on than hunting for clean jeans and a t-shirt that isn’t covered in paint though, so I began to amass more dresses than I would ever need. Mainly because I don’t like wearing the same thing every day anymore.

So here is where I am sharing the mass amount of things I have hoarded over the last decade, with some of my other obsessions thrown in for good measure. Natural products that give back somehow are my absolute favourite things. I also love when function and form come together to make you smile. 

Here is a peek into my world - please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all!